By the time our youngest leaves pre-k, we will have had children enrolled at Faith Child Care for nearly 11 years; we can happily say that every year so far has been a loving and supportive part of our children's upbringing. Every teacher in every room knows every child, and they all respect each child as a unique personality. We knew with each of our boys that his individual needs were being met, and we never worried about the curriculum, scheduling, or socialization. Most amazingly, the teachers at Faith have years of combined experience, with quality training at their back and true commitment in their hearts. We recommend Faith to all family and friends in the Fox Valley!

The Wilke Family

We didn’t know where to begin when we were considering daycare options for our daughter so we turned to friends for recommendations. We were pleasantly surprised to find that the daycare in our neighborhood came very highly recommended and had great ratings. Aside from that, a big factor in our decision to enroll at Faith was the tenure of their staff and teachers. It is a personal decision to decide who to entrust the care of your child to, but for us, the things they have taught her and most importantly, the loving care they have given her have meant the world.

The Thomae Family

In 2009, our family - just like any family with a new baby - wanted the best childcare we could find. We were lucky enough to have neighbors who referred us to Faith Child Care. We deeply valued our neighbors' opinions, and if they trusted their two children to Faith Child Care, then we knew we could trust our children there too. The low staff turnover rate, friendly hugs, daily updates, adorable Christmas program, and genuine C-A-R-E make Faith Child Care a home away from home.

So, if you don't have neighbors with small children to give you a referral, let me be that neighbor for you: you can bring your precious children to Faith Child Care and rest easy; knowing they will be cared for in a safe, happy environment.

The Lee Family

Faith Child Care has been a part of our family for nearly 20 years. Back then I was a single parent, fully aware of the judgments that often accompany that role. But from the moment I entered the building I felt nothing but warmth and love. I knew it was the right place for my son – and for me. In those early days so many years ago, I worked early in the morning and we were often the first to arrive at the center. Sandy was there each morning to greet us. Sandy’s love and compassion made us feel as if we were home.

Over the years I married and my husband and I had three more children. I went back to school, our jobs changed, our lives became infinitely busier. But Faith Child Care has always been a constant. I am amazed at the longevity of the staff. So many of these wonderful teachers have been at Faith for as long as I can remember. That is simply amazing in the childcare profession. But it isn’t an accident. Faith Child Care is a special place with special people who are witnesses to the love of Jesus. The teachers have been true partners in raising our children, working with us through challenges but always caring and respectful.

At Faith I had the opportunity to join the Parent Activities Committee where I really got to know other parents. We helped create a community of families by planning special events. Even though our children are all in school now, we still keep in touch with other Faith families. My kids truly miss their Faith friends during the school year and look forward to returning for Summer Care every year.

Faith Child Care programming sets kids up for success when they transition to kindergarten. They are prepared to enter school both academically and socially. At the same time there is an emphasis on letting kids be kids and encouraging them to grow through play.
As working parents we miss our children during the work hours. With our children at Faith, we always knew they were safe, healthy, and happy. Faith Child Care will always be a part of our family!

The Dvoracek Family

We have been a part of the Faith family since 2000, when our oldest started in the Sunbeam Room. When we began looking at daycare options, we were somewhat overwhelmed. We still remember clearly our first visit to Faith. Sandy and the staff were very warm and welcoming, but it was watching the children interact with the staff and each other that solidified our decision.

The children were happy and engaged, and we knew Faith was the right decision for our family. Each of our three children has since grown up in the care of the Faith family, and we feel incredibly blessed to be a part of it. The environment allowed our children to grow socially and academically as well as grow in their faith.

The longevity of the staff is a testament to Sandy’s leadership and guidance, and it was reassuring to us as parents. Our oldest and youngest children are 8 years apart, and yet our babies were all rocked by the same teachers in the Sunbeam Room, and they were all prepared for kindergarten by the same teachers in the Eagle Room. Sandy and the staff supported our children through their individual accomplishments and challenges, and also supported us as parents. Our children frequently talk about the fun they had at Faith, and we are so grateful to have had such a positive experience. We continue to consider ourselves part of the Faith family, and we always will.

The Van Straten Family